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Roy's Builders is recognized for being a leader in high performance construction. The Team takes pride in building each home and is committed to high performance quality and customer satisfaction.


To build high-performing, sustainable homes that are easy to maintain and
provide lasting value to our homeowners years after the building process is


Honest feedback at the end of a project from happy homeowners who say we
did a great job; the satisfaction of knowing we helped someone enjoy a
process that's more art than science.


The lasting relationships we've developed over the years with our homeowners, many of whom return to us for remodels and new homes; the respect of our peers and professionals throughout the homebuilding industry.

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Roei Lugasi

Owner- CEO
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Eli Dahan

Owner - Field Supervisor
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Elior Shushan

Project Manager
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Shai Nitzan

Project Manager
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Ilya Stefin

Project Manager

We asked our customers why they chose Roy's Builders. Here are the top answers:

1.Team Approach

Building a home can be a complex task requiring specialized skills. Roy's Builders Team has an out-of-the-house design build program that ensures that your vision of your home becomes a reality. Our team of hand-pick specialists can provide those skills in a coordinated manner to build a home that meets your needs. Our tradespeople are selected for their integrity, technical skills, quality and reliability and not because they’re the low bidder. Saving a few dollars on labor is no bargain if it results are unacceptable work. From the most technically qualified framers to the plumbers that work with state of the art plumbing, our team of professional tradespeople will get it done right.

2.We Make it Easy

Building a home is complicated – helping find a home site, deconstructing a home, coordinating tradespeople, obtaining permits, following local codes and ordinances, selecting materials and components. Roy's Builders, believes building a new home should be fun and enjoyable. We work smart and hard to make the process as easy for you as possible.


Interaction is the key to customer satisfaction and our systems and procedures are in place to keep you informed from beginning of the project until it is finished. As a Homeowner, you are kept informed as to the transitions your home makes as it is being built. Making selections in a timely manner is critical to avoid delays. Roy's Builders, communicates with each client on a weekly basis by meeting and providing project updates. By keeping you informed and listening to your needs and desires, we make the experience of building a home a satisfying one.


Roy's Builders, is successful because we care about our homeowners, their homes and the community. We are committed to providing the best value along with the best quality home that the budget allows. Satisfying our customers, providing outstanding high performance designs while marrying function and form, and building the finest quality homes while maintaining the high level of customer service has allowed Roy's Builders to receive the Houzz Award for Customer Service.

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