Kitchen Remodel with Floating Shelves: Pros and Cons

Is it a Good Idea to Put Floating Shelves in your Kitchen Design?

Floating shelves are a great way to add extra storage and space to your kitchen. They are also very stylish and can help tie together the overall look of your kitchen design. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before adding floating shelves to your kitchen.

Even if you adore the appearance of floating shelves in the kitchen, you might be wondering: Is it possible to replace my kitchen cabinets with shelves? Will having open kitchen shelves rather than cabinets appear messy in my home? Do they work in any type of kitchen?

The answers are not simple, because it depends on your kitchen and the number of items you have, as well as your lifestyle and the overall aesthetic you enjoy. Let’s look at a few ideas for using floating shelves in the kitchen to break down this gorgeous trend while weighing the benefits and drawbacks.

Why Choose Floating Shelves?

Floating shelves rather than wall-to-wall cabinets in your kitchen design is a fantastic method to express yourself. It’s the ideal method to exhibit treasured items like bowls, cookbooks, mugs, beautiful serving pieces, artwork, and other things. The shelves themselves may also be used as an accent with materials like wood and stainless steel available. Open shelving is adaptable and may be used in any design scheme, from basic and industrial to eclectic and old-fashioned.

Floating shelves offer many advantages, but there are some disadvantages to consider as well. On the one hand, floating shelves take up little space, so replacing closed cabinets with open floating ones in a small kitchen might make it appear larger and more cheerful. Open shelves make it easier to use and keep your tools, ingredients, and serving dishes within arm’s reach and view, increasing functionality.

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Pros of Floating Open Shelves in Kitchen

pros and cons of open shelving

• In order to create a clean, linear design for your kitchen, use open shelves. If you have nice kitchenware, open shelving is an excellent method to showcase it in your design. Open shelving is also a fantastic method to add color and texture to your décor while still having easy access to all of your plates and glassware!

• Open shelving is an excellent option for those inconvenient corner wall cabinets. You won’t lose storage space, and this is a great location to showcase big beautiful or unusual things that you only use on rare occasions, such as serving platters or antique appliances.

• Open shelving is ideal for displaying glassware, alcohol, or coffee cups in a bar or coffee area. They’re fantastic in tiny places and can be a lifesaver when cabinets don’t fit well.

• Floating shelves provide a beautiful frame for the range hood, breaking up a section of wall cabinets and adding visual appeal. If the wall area is insufficient for wall cabinets, this may be quite effective.

• Consider a long shelf for the classic minimalist design. A floating shelf is ideal for your backsplash and, if you have a smaller kitchen, it will make it seem larger. If you want to stay on top of the latest trends, this is a style to consider!

Create a showcase in your kitchen by utilizing open shelving. Herbs, cookbooks, or artwork may be stored in them. Experiment with the style by running the backsplash to the ceiling or stopping at the bottom of the first shelf.

More Reasons You Should Try Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

Cons of Floating Open Shelves in Kitchen

open shelving

• One of the most significant hurdles for many homeowners is the fact that open shelves expose everything to view. That implies that if your bowls are chipped or your pots are dirty, everyone can see.

• It might be difficult to keep dust, grease, and grime out of your storage solutions. Anything you put on open shelves will soon become dusty. This is especially true if you don’t invest in superior ventilation. As a result, you’ll need to wash things more often. You’ll also need to return the items to the same location if you want the same look and feel with your floating shelves. While it may appear simple, keeping open shelving looking nice takes some effort.

• If you’re replacing a major portion of wall cabinets with floating shelves in your kitchen, you’ll probably lose storage room. Replacing a wall of cabinets with one long shelf, while it appears to be simple and modern, offers significantly less storage.

• You may be losing storage space if you utilize floating shelves to exhibit beautiful items that are not used on a daily basis, however, it is an ideal method to make use of open shelves if you have the room.

When it comes to kitchen shelves vs cabinets, consider both appearance and function. If you enjoy the look of a kitchen with shelving instead of cabinets but are deterred by the upkeep, you will be unsatisfied with your renovation in the long run. Choose the style that works best for you—whether it’s floating kitchen shelves or sticking with traditional cabinets.

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